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Job Opening for Experienced Professionals

Bring your expertise and work with teams to unleash the power of electric mobility.

Mechanical Engineer
6 Openings
2 Openings
4 Openings
3 Openings
5 Openings
4 Openings
3 Openings
2 Openings
10 Openings

Opportunities For Students

Bring your expertise and work with a team excited about the power of electric mobility. Our recruitment team is looking for multi-generation talents from varied backgrounds that bring different perspectives to the table. Here you’ll learn the power of teamwork and knowledge sharing.

Nexzu is also the best learning place for passionate students who want to make a difference. They get an opportunity to re-imagine the future of mobility while having fun.

Our Culture

Self managing

Close-knit group of enthusiastic, hardworking and talented people

Open communication

Stimulating and rewarding

Diversity & Inclusion

Hiring people with
passion and talent,
from a range of

about initiatives
on continuous

Multi generation
workforce brings
different perspectives
to the discussion table

Career & Development

  • Be part of interesting projects
  • Varied opportunities
  • Choose your career path – Leadership, Specialist or Business Support
  • Gain through teamwork and knowledge sharing

Inspiring Team

Nexzu Mobility is created with calmness, confidence, and creativity of our determined team. We are a strong team of inspiring and supporting individuals. Providing excellent quality e-vehicles with advanced technology is not as easy as it may seem but our like-minded and skillful team make the toughest task simple.

We don’t revolve around work and only work but little coffee breaks, celebrations, and discussions on burning topics are our healthy and happy routine.That’s why our zealous employees adore working at Nexzu.


Turning the problems into opportunities is the sign of a successful leader’. Our founders Vinod Mittal and Atulya Mittal proved this statement right.

The increasing effect of pollution and the most severe challenge of climate change encouraged the Nexzu founders to take a turn for the better. They identify the opportunities in a changing environment and commence manufacturing electric vehicles to save the atmosphere from the effect of global warming.

Our passionate leaders serve us with great leadership and provide a clear vision for the future. They inspire every team member to embrace creativity.

Life at Nexzu

Nexzu Mobility’s workspace is a wonderful place to learn and grow. Our self-managed team of enthusiastic, hardworking and talented people perform their tasks very well. Open communication about productions and initiatives makes our work environment a positive and motivating one. We always try to appreciate the hardwork of our employees with reward and make our working atmosphere exciting.

We are accelerating the transition towards electric mobility by keeping the value of every word. We believe in learning, sharing and innovating.