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Nexzu is a cutting-edge mobility solution
brand driven by innovation and technology. Ease your mobility
experience with our incredible products.

Avan to Nexzu

The electric vehicle (EV) market

The electric vehicle (EV) market has witnessed immense growth and our ambitions have also been soaring high. With the dawn of a new decade, we intended to be more future-ready. As we embarked on our journey to take Avan Motors from an electric two-wheeler company to an all-encompassing Smart Mobility firm, rebranding became the need of the hour. We needed a new Brand Name and Identity to define us represented our ethos in a better way.

To drive the fact that this company will unlock the next phase innovation for you, we arrived at the new Brand name – NEXZU – Bringing the Next revolution for the Gen Z spirit in U. Our brand proposition is taking YOU to your NEXT destination, closer to your next goal in life.

Our Commitments

  1. Transforming riding experiences with our futuristic and innovative mobility solutions

    Breakthrough Technology

  2. Reach any destination effortlessly with our seamless products

    Comfortable Ride

  3. Ecologically sustainable vehicles designed to protect the planet


  4. Detailed attention is paid all aspect to cater to the exact needs of users

    User-Centric Approach

  5. Promises maximum safety measures at the forefront of innovation

    High Tech Security

  6. Our efforts start by mapping the customer journey and ends with assuring customer satisfaction

    Extensive R&D


A creative and enthusiastic team of Nexzu always strives to improve user experience in the best possible way and consequently becomes the most prominent mobility solution brand. Our work efficiency and commitment have been getting appreciation by the customers as well as critics and our credibility is reflected by the recognition we received.

Vision & Mission

To become the #1 future mobility
brand in India.

To delight Customers with a portfolio of smart and reliable electric scooters and electric cycles. To engage customers in new forms of mobility.

Who We Are

Nexzu is a unique mobility solution company with a passionate team of enthusiastic individuals. Our products – electric cycles and electric scooters are the classic combinations of style and technology.

We also design mobility and logistics service solutions for new-age business delivery models ranging from mobility-as-a-service platforms to environmentally sustainable logistics fleets.

Our R&D works closely with our production team to ensure what we think of in the lab is translated into the product in our customers’ hands. Nexzu team is ever ready standing by to ensure a delightful service experience.


How to Join Us

Explore career opportunities at
Nexzu Mobility